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While Karen’s first love was design and programming of websites, she has learned that it doesn’t matter how cool your website is unless people are seeing it. And it doesn’t matter how many people see your website unless they are taking the actions you want them to. Karen started this blog because she saw many businesses that struggle with technical details, or get sidetracked chasing silver bullets that miss their target entirely.

Karen believes in focusing on the 20% of effort that gets 80% of the results. Making small changes that have significant impact improves your bottom line with minimal investment. If you are not ready to tackle a major website redesign, contact Karen and see if an inexpensive “micro-project” can boost your sales this week.


Karen Freeman-Smith has been online, building and marketing websites since 1995.

In that time she has become familiar with all aspects of building successful websites: graphic design for results, digital marketing, SEO/SEM, automated marketing, drip campaigns, community management, and more. If you are thinking of starting an online business, or wish your current online business was getting better results, Karen can help you get started and keep going. She can diagnose the trouble spots in your website and help you remove them.


Karen currently has four of her own successful projects online. She also works on various contract and freelance projects for others – helping them improve their business both on and off-line. Karen has a practical kind of creativity that focuses on end results and making it easy for your website visitors to find what they are looking for and encourages them to take the next steps in becoming loyal customers. She enjoys creating attractive web pages, developing interactive tools, and validating changes with hard data.


Booked until March 2019.

If you have questions or need help before then, Karen maintains a blog where she is happy to answer your questions about online marketing challenges. If you have any challenges that can be answered in a blog post, please feel free to ask Karen at: karen@smartmarketingcoach.com. While she cannot guarantee a turn around time, she does try to answer any questions that come her way.


You can read her blog at: https://smartmarketingcoach.com/blog


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